TWC Tactical Server

Welcome to the newest creation of TWC the TacticalServer!

This will be for Everyone to Enjoy but we always are testing and try to improve so your comments on the forum are very helpful,please post so we can make this even better!!!

After SOW Quit we were left in a void with only 1 server in which to play and for the most part it seemed just a spit vs 109 style server with missions but no true dynamics or consequences.

So we decided to try and make a server that has a dynamic mission if you complete the objectives then a new map turns over and the front lines move. If you don’t complete the objectives then the map just stays the same. The map can only move south for now so a delaying action to give more time for the reds to prepare for the upcoming battle of Britain is what is accomplished here on this server.

The first full event will be Forged in Iron on Saturday the 28th of October at 2000 hrs GMT in England. Both sides will begin with a fresh map and all targets are live airports are destroyable.

If you Die in the Tactical server there is a time restriction before you can  get back in a plane and fly but you can join a bomber as a gunner drive a tank on the battlefield or man an antiaircraft gun all valuable in the entire scheme of things.

All infrastructure is at 100% to begin the map. Forged in Iron will be bomber raids and fighter cover for both sides. We do not know the limit of our server so we are restricting it to 72 players until we see how she runs. Please sign up for this event and enjoy our hard work to try something different.A more realistic approach to ww2 tactical warfare. It could be agreed on before hand that players killed could open spots for players that have yet to participate but that would have to be worked out in the pre mission briefing. 

The scenerio is the German Army has just crossed the Somme river near Abbeville and are marching South! As a blue pilot you have to help your ground units achieve victory in the area.You will be called on 4 times in each 6 hour mission to fly a special mission to destroy ground targets in the battle area and south of the Somme. If you fail to destroy these targets then the map does not move, the English have held you. If you do destroy the objectives then the map moves south and a new mission very similar plays out. No super planes E-1’s and E-3’s along with all the bombers VS Blennies, hurricanes and Spitfires of assorted types…. no Spit II’s .

If you encounter an E-4 or a spit 2 it is AI controlled.

As a red pilot you must stop the ground troops from advancing south. You have help in the way of dug in troops, armor and artillery. You have tanks on the way and must protect the assets you have in place as well as the ones moving into the area, as well as harass any ground targets (trucks ,Supplies ,AAA, etc.) inside the front lines and across the lines when called to do so.Your fighters are useless against Heavy Armor so you need to spot for the bombers. You also will be called upon 4 times in each cycle to defend your territory against enemy air raids or to escort friendly bombers into the enemy territory. If you complete the missions or match the German output you have held them in place and the map will restart.If not the map will advance to the south and more german equipment will be put into the area making it that much harder to hold!


The enemy also has assets in the rear of there areas oil and fuel storage train transports Factories and ships and much more but it must be reconnoitered so you know where the target is located! Major areas have major targets but are well defended so Recon to find the target and tell your bomber buddies right where to bomb is a good idea. All buildings in the target area are live but if you bomb civilian areas your team will be penalized!!!!!


Destruction of fuel slows spawn of Armor destroy all fuel stores and all enemy armor slows to a crawl Death penalty is 5 min.You can still spawn in a tank, AAA, or gunner position but flying is restricted for 5 min. So don’t die! Stats reset after each death so you start on the bottom all over again.

Le Havre and Boulogne Targets 1 Blue and 1 for Red:

There are over 3500 active targets on the map the entire map is alive!

Good luck pilots