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TWC Mission Server Objectives

  • TWC Mission Server Objectives
  • Below are some of the things now active on the mission server for both sides!
  • Remember the mission server lets you practice under duress so a watchful eye or better yet a friendly fighter is always best to have with you in attacking targets of value…
  • Trains, many trains, on both sides in MIssions 1 & 2 now. Trains are suitable targets for bombers OR fighters. Just find some train tracks & start following them . . .
  • MANY new landscape targets in Missions 1 & 2. These are buildings etc that have always been part of the CloD landscape, but now they are bombable, they explode BIG, and they will give you many ground victory points if you hit them well.Specifically, nearly every fuel tank, large factory building, and train station in the campaign area is a bombable target that will help improve your ground victory count and advance your career. Check industrial areas and train stations of every city–Le Havre, Caen, Rouen, Querqueville, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, London, Gravesend, Reading, Basingstoke, Petersfield, Chichester, Worthing, Hastings etc.Fuel storage tanks and train stations are pretty easy targets. Large factory buildings are a bit harder (you have to hit them JUST right, or maybe do a couple of runs to really light them up), but when you hit it right you will know, and will receive a good share of ground victory points, because these are VALUABLE targets.Most of these ‘landscape targets’ do not show with visible black dots, but require finding and seeking. If you see a large factory building, a fuel storage tank, or a train station feel free to bomb away. Soon we will post recon pictures of the area with targets in pre briefing notices.

    This applies to Missions 1 & 2 for now (the Gosport/Le Havre map) – Mission 3 in progress . . .

  • More bombers available to Red pilots with promotions/ace level – The Blenheim is limited, particularly in that it can carry only 4 bombs. Now Red bomber pilots with some victories and/or rank can use a secret stash of BR.20s, HE111s, and even JU88s. These bombers can be key to achieving high rank as a Red bomber pilot, because they can carry up to 32 bombs and have a variety of high-tech bomb sites, allowing you to destroy more enemy targets per sortie, and allowing you to bomb from higher altitudes for greater safety.Use commands <ac and <nextac to check your available aircraft. Complete list of a/c available at each rank on the stats page.
  • Routine enemy patrols of areas with bombable objects – if on a bombing mission, be sure to check your radar: Both sides now have routine patrols of all the “backcountry” areas where the bombing targets area.
  • Many bug fixes – many thanks to everyone who has reported bugs on the forum or via teamspeak.

Please let me know any problems you notice.