The Wrecking Crew



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  I would like to welcome all wreckers and potential wreckers to join us in the forum in the menu above and if you are interested in becoming a member of TWC post in the recruitment section then check in from time to time, as you will be notified of what to do next via private message.

For those of you that are visiting us for the first time and would like to know more about us: You can Download Teamspeak and Check in on this page to talk to any of us at any time if we are in a different room we will see you and move you down so just pop in and say hello.

We are an adult online gaming clan with branches into many military and competitive type group games. We believe in Fair game play and use no cheats or bots in the games we play. We strive to learn tactics and and teach each one of our members that want to learn all we have in our considerable knowledge base. Our members are diverse and each brings a quality to the camaraderie that we all enjoy so much. We as wreckers have a set of governing rules that we all abide our constitution which will be printed on its own separate page so titled.

Our goal is to have a good time and enjoy the friends we make and to work as a team to defeat any enemies that try to take on The Wrecking Crew!

We use Teamspeak to communicate with each other and in some cases We are running multiple Teamspeak channels. You may join us as a guest on our server to communicate in game by clicking on the join TWC button for Teamspeak on this page on the right.One of our members is usually on this channel. You may also join us on the main Teamspeak channel for Cliffs if you have Teamspeak installed just by clicking on the connect button to the right.

The Wrecking Crew Squad fly’s together, is this not the reason why we all joined a squad in the first place? Never leave without your wingman, never die alone!

The Wrecking Crew Squad flies with integrity, our bullets do our talking for us. If the message is not positive or uplifting then the message will not be sent, The Wrecking Crew does not send hate messages to anyone.

The Wrecking Crew Squad is about Mission Accomplishment , read the briefing and the forum for news everyday.

The Wrecking Crew Squad uses voice comms to communicate, log into our Voice Server before logging into game, always make a “Voice check” to insure you can hear us and we can hear you.

You are a Wrecker, you should not enlist or carry membership in other squadrons while you are a Wrecker in the same game.

Wreckers fly as a team, You shall support your team and its players any way you can.

Wreckers guns are hot, all enemies are considered targets without regards to their status.

Wreckers always abide by the CoC .

We don’t recruit other current squad members, if they approach us that is ok, but we will not solicit them.

Recruitment is by invitation only! All new recruits must be invited to join our squad.

We do not encourage suicide missions, while there may be situations where there’s a high probability of not making it out, we will try to avoid those and if not possible every effort should be made to make it out.

You must fly the country that other team members are already flying. If you do not wish to fly that country, go to another room or a different server. We never shoot other TWC members unless flying in a private room or training.

TWC members are recognized by our TWC_ moniker. All Recruits and all members of TWC will add “TWC_”to the front of their name in game.

All members of TWC are required to be able to use voice communications while gaming. Voice communications server is provided for The Wrecking Crew members by The Wrecking Crew members. All members are required to be a member of The Wrecking Crew Forum and to participate/post on said forum.