The Wrecking Crew


Radio direction to target Knickebein

Ok here is a new development for all players Knickebein and below find the navigation help in setting this up

here is a mph to fps chart

Because we believe in being fair to all, it’s available to both sides on the server now.

Basically it allows you to set up “beams” that can guide you to various places and also alert you when you reach the target area with very good accuracy. But the functionality is quite basic (analog of WWII-era listening to various tones in headphones) so it requires knowing what you are doing and really flying it, not just setting an autopilot and forgetting it.

Also, some information about your beams leaks to the enemy–just as it did in WWII. (In WWII it was for technical reasons; in CloD it’s also for technical reasons–mission developers don’t have any way to receive extensive input except via the Chat screen, and everyone can read that–just as everyone could receive Knickebein transmissions in the war.) So, it opens up some interesting possibilities for both spying and disinformation campaigns.

In-game, use chat command <kadd <kstart <knext <kprev to enter way points & get started, and <khelp for info and how to use.

I just used it to drop a perfect pattern on Dieppe Airfield from 18000 feet (using the regular bombsight for final drop, though you could use the Knickebein system for that as well, if you knew exactly where to set up the drop point). I think this has some interesting potential for both high altitude and low-altitude missions.

Again, in-game:

  • <kadd
  • <khelp
  • Try a basic version with <kni 70 20 (creates a Knickebein beam from your position bearing 70 degrees and 20 miles (or km, depending on army) away

I made a bunch of screen shots of the system in use in a Blenheim today–might help to explain how it works: