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As we head out on a new campaign structure We will add recon photos of available target areas. We encourage the use of our forum for individual recon photos to be posted in the Campaign Section for all pilots.

Not all targets will be listed since the style of coding allows the game to pick targets it feels are important and you must use the Tab 6 function to receive a list of targets in order to roll the map.

This Scenario involves the following.

Tactical more than Strategic targets there will always be strategic targets available at all times but since the war has now moved to France  maximum effort needs to be placed on stopping resupply convoys of trucks and tanks moving in both directions.These convoys move at different times and use different routes to obtain there objectives so the the gameplay will always be different once one side or the other has rolled the map.

Strategic targets such as rear fuel supplies and storage areas have a major effect on the war effort so if destroyed the outcome will look bleak for the other side.

British Recon

Below is an example of the strategic Red section in Le Havre 77% of all fuel and oil storage tanks in this section must be destroyed in order to satisfy the Objective if called.


As you can see this is a high altitude recon photo of the area more detailed photos are needed especially of fuel tank placement. This requires flying into the area and using screenshots and posting them on the forum in the propper section.


Each section will be called in the objectives as a section. Below is the Arrowhead Section,Blue Section and the Green Section






Some Targets in Dunkirk


More recon will come as I have time so stay tuned


Axis Targets


Northwestern Caen Aviation Storage

Southeastern Caen

Cherbourg Axis Targets 80% of all fuel Storage in order to complete the objective