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Targets for Rouen:

Many targets exist but only 4 categories Flak, Fuel Supply, Chemical Storage and Aviation Fuel

It is a very well defended Target with both AAA and aircover, so plans to destroy these targets may take some time and you need to go in force.

If high altitude is used then Fighter cover is essential if low altitude then Flak Suppression is a must prior to any low level attack.

All infrastructure is at 100% to begin the map. We do not know the limit of
our server so we are restricting it to 100 players until we see how she runs.
A more realistic approach to WW2 tactical warfare. It could be agreed on
before hand that players killed could open spots for players that have yet
to participate but that would have to be worked out in the beforehand.

As a red pilot you must harass any ground targets (trucks ,Supplies ,AAA, etc.)
inside the front lines and across the lines when called to do so once per hour
the briefing will alert you of new targets as it does the Germans. Your fighters
are useless against Heavy Armor so you need to spot for the bombers. You also
will be called upon 4 times in each cycle to defend your territory against enemy
air raids or to escort friendly bombers into the enemy territory.

Your enemy also has assets in the rear of there areas oil and fuel storage train
transports Factories and ships and much more but it must be reconnoitered so
you know where the target is located!
Major areas have major targets but are well defended so Recon to find the target
and tell your bomber buddies right where to bomb is a good idea.
All buildings in the target area are live but if you bomb civilian areas
your team will be penalized!!!!!

As a Blue Pilot Check the Briefing menu for Objectives these main Objectives
must be accomplished. The enemy must protect these targets and your job
is to destroy them along with as many enemy aircraft you can! Sorties for
all pilots that do not die continue so advance your Score and check them
on our stats page above.

Now the enemy has started to camouflage some of the objective targets to make you miss

here is a resistance photo smuggled out of Dunkirk showing the Camouflage of a factory

New recon photos Lehavre Naval facility fuel targets


open images in new tab for zoom look


this means this radar may move within the next 2 cycles can happen to any german radar station

Qville Radar AA 7 recon photo


Coquell Radar


Boulogne Targets


Calais Hard Targets


Arras Rubber Factories



St Ouen 88 Factory

Bapaume Rail

Arras Fuel



Le Havre Naval Facility

Le Havre Fuel Targets recon







Axis Targets

Aircraft production targets above






All Radar stations have equipment buildings that must be destroyed to eliminate the radar signal




Hydrogen tanks moved in portsmouth to across the river to the Gosport side 11/12





New Axis Targets




Dover Harbor and Dover







Good luck pilots