The Wrecking Crew




                                                missing pilot anybody seen this guy???

WE have our own TWC SERVER IN DCS look  to the list in DCS

DCS a digital combat simulator . This simulator shows very much promise in that you can fly a myriad of aircraft and drive and shoot  ground vehicles as well using the combat arms program that works in DCS world  and it is a free download!!

We did have our own server up 24/7 and fly 3 different WW2 combat missions plus a Korean scenario and a modern warfare also. This sim is not yet optimized and is in the preliminary stages of being fantastic but early bugs and multiplayer glitches have slowed it down plus the fact that aircraft are unfinished even though you have paid separately for them.

The aircraft are purchased only WW2 styles used in WW2 and Korean era in Korea but all is flyable in modern warfare. Again you can join us on Mumble anytime you like and we will pull you to the correct channel